Diary Entry – 2009.11.17

It’s Aoi.

Hello everybody, how are you?
It is getting very cold here, but physical condition won’t be broken, will it?
Be careful to not catch a cold or the flu because of the other ones.

To begin with,
The Diary,
I finished the V ROCK FESTIVAL on the 25th of last month, and the Chibi Japan Expo where I made a short visit
I will now talk about my 3rd visit in France.

Those who have a look at the newsletter, and those who always read the Diary, I think you know that, at the same period last year, I was at the Chibi JAPAN EXPO.

I ‘ve got used to coming to France in July since  last year but it was the first time I visited France, at the end of October .
The weather in France is very cold, just going outside gave me a headache.
Talking about seasons, I think of Autumn, but at the end of October in France, I recognize that it is extraordinarily cold here.
You learn everything from the first time. That is why, this time, to fight the cold, I brought warm clothes etc.
Although this adds on to the luggage….

While staying in France, I attended more events, and  I will speak about it in the  next MAXIM bulletin and about the fans and officials present at  this year’s Chibi JAPAN EXPO, where I  have been given a very warm welcome from everyone.
I am truly pleased.
Thank you very much.

I already have a live planned in France I decided it would be in April.
In this Diary, we will talk about these events, it’s the first time for me.
April of next year, I decided to give a live concert in France and Germany.
I confirm for the time being going back to these 2 countries,  but I’ll try to visit other European countries as well.
Once I have made my plans, I will write it down in this diary and in the newsletter again.
I think I can have lunch again with the general consul of Dusseldorf.
I’m looking forward to being in April next year.

Now a completely different story,
the 2nd album Requiem will be released tomorrow, please let me say a few words about it.
This time the album was built on the raw and death theme.
I think this is a theme of eternity when someone has it in his hand at some point in life in the world.
Such themes seems difficult but they are actually very familiar,
It blends well in the image of the world of Aoi

Please enjoy the new world where previous production Veil spread first, by all means.

Lot of magazines mentioned the interview of Requiem; please enjoy it together while listening to the album.

In the end of the release, radio and magazines presented the work at various places; I accepted the interview for the 22 of this week, I’ll perform in Mr. Takamizawa Toshihiko’s radio program, “Route Rock”.

Speaking of Mr. Takamizawa Toshihiko’s, he appeared at the V ROCK FESTIVAL, the same day as me, the 25th of this week (at this time).
(He) let me see Mr. Takamizawa’s(his) live at this time, the stage changed, it was very nice.

We will have various conversations, please, absolutely listen to the show.

[Can’t translate a small part here about Takamizawa, but I’ll soon do it.]

Everybody too will have fun with this.

Now it’s a long story,
Meanwhile listen to Requiem which will be released tomorrow.

Please try the string solution of Aoi’s story 2nd chapter.

And this week there is also BOUNTY’s Live.

Have an amusing nice night, everybody.

Please, enjoy it absolutely.

It was long,
In the end, thanks you.

That’s all.

2009.11.17 by Aoi

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