Diary entry・2010/02/19

It’s Aoi

First of all,

I spend a truthfully amazing time during the first FanClub event.

To all of you who spent that moment, there, with me,

I thank you deeply.

Did you have fun?

I hope that, after this, we will keep on having many events and, as I will keep improving on various things, we will have more wonderfull events than before.

However, as that moment we had together, I think that all of you who were there had a very special feeling that only we could have had.

I think that all of my fans and all of my staff participated in writing a new story for Aoi during that time.

I was really happy.

Again, I thank you all.

I received your love and encouragement.


It will soon be the end of February but if we take time to recall of this time of year, one year ago, it was exaclty the time for the release of my third single, MASQUERADE.

Speaking of MASQUERADE, it was the first time I had a PV filmed in France.

As I said in my diary, I have to go early this year in France to participate to the JAPAN EXPO Sud.

This time, it’s again a first for me, to come to Marseille in the south of France .

It’s a wonderfull region where we can see the vast mediterranean sea.

I will start my 2010 international live concert here, in Marseille.

I hope that, from Japan, you will pray for the success of this event in Marseille.

And, please, look forward to some good news from me.

See you all.

                                           2010.2.19 by Aoi

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