Diary Entry・2008.5.26

It’s Aoi.

Continuing from last time, I’ll talk about EDEN.

Well, I entrusted this time costume, to the one who made the costumes for EDEN and VISiON.

For this costume, I gave a rough sketch of it, ideas on the fabric we should use and consulted on the details of it.

This time, I wanted to use leather, such as ostrich’s leather and while combining different types of leathers and was able to get a top which looks like a racing jacket.

That top has, as a basis, a line like a racing jacket but with the clothes I’m wearing under  I was able to get constrats on the right and left. And while wearing together those two clothes, I asked if they could be asymetric.

After doing lots of meetings, it was done.

That’s EDEN’s costume.

The clothes under were also beautifuly made,
I’m really fond of it.

And, even the song, this time, greatly influenced me.

As for that EDEN, it will finally be released the day after tomorrow, on the 28th May.

And next month will be released Veil which I’m editing.

While listening to EDEN and SYNDROME, which are coupled together, and while watching the PV, I hope you can wait until the release of Veil.

Next month, in May, I’ll do a solo live and I look forward to meet with the locals and everyone.

During the live I’ll also be anouncing the songs of the album so please come.

Well then.


2008.5.26 by Aoi

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