Diary Entry – 2010.2.19

It’s Aoi   First of all, I passed a great time during our first FanClub Event.   I’m really thanksful to all of you who had this moment with me. Did you have fun?   I’m sure after that, the number of events will be inscreasing and, while I’ll try to improve in lots of […]

Diary Entry – 2009.11.17

It’s Aoi. Hello everybody, how are you? It is getting very cold here, but physical condition won’t be broken, will it? Be careful to not catch a cold or the flu because of the other ones. To begin with, The Diary, I finished the V ROCK FESTIVAL on the 25th of last month, and the […]

Diary Entry・2008.5.26

It’s Aoi. Continuing from last time, I’ll talk about EDEN. Well, I entrusted this time costume, to the one who made the costumes for EDEN and VISiON. For this costume, I gave a rough sketch of it, ideas on the fabric we should use and consulted on the details of it. This time, I wanted […]

Diary Entry – 2008.2.12

It’s Aoi.   Tomorrow, I’ll do a live at Shinjuku’s HOLIDAY.     I’m looking foward to meet again with eveyrone. Please, come see the live.     Also, the other day, the informations on BOUNTY’s album has been released.     That one, also, I could be happy if you could listen to it. […]